We announced yesterday on Twitter that we’ve been working to rebuild the capacities of CapGeek from the ground up. Our biggest issue is taking raw contract information from a primary source and turning that into the database for use. Our second-biggest issue is making sure that we don’t take┬áthis data from any other public site — especially CapGeek’s archived pages. (We have no problem transforming existing public sources of data, but this salary info is the direct result of someone else’s hard work, not a value-added derivative.)

We got an extremely healthy response to our original query for help in doing this cross-checking of data. Once we’ve made some progress on this, we’ll open up the database for a public examination; following this, we plan┬áto have some more of the tools built and available for use well before the trade deadline.

The only other issue is what to call it: RecapGeek is a fine name for the rebuilding project but not the services, and war-on-ice-cap sounds like we’re either pro-global-flooding or anti-Tim-Horton’s.