Partnerships and Exchanges

We’ve been busy on the development end here at, and that’s led to a number of new initiatives, but more importantly, new partnerships. So we’re pleased to announce three primary partnerships, in alphabetical order:

  • Mike Colligan (@MikeColligan) is our primary source for information on questions about the CBA and the salary cap. We’ll be cross-posting his FAQ questions to the WARblog and a master list. The first three are here:
  • Alexandra Mandrycky (@alexgoogs) has been utterly indispensable in the assembly of the player contracts database, and has also been developing upgrades to our charts, which will not only make them more usable and more pleasant, but will also speed up loading time and allow for additional portability. We can’t say enough good things about her contributions to the site so far.
  • Ryan Stimson (@RK_Stimp) is fronting a group of manual trackers as the leader of the Passing Project, who are collecting information on “pass assists” and other pre-shot information. Included in this is the tracking of passes across the line Steve Valiquette has coined the Royal Road, which we will of course think of instead as the Highway to the Danger Zone.

Thanks to these folks for everything they’re doing and will continue to do with us. Give them a follow and help them out if they ask, because they’re making our lives considerably easier and the site all the better for it.