NEW: Annual salary/compensation data for skaters

When CapGeek founder Matthew Wuest announced on Saturday that he was shutting the site down for personal health reasons, we were doubly saddened, for the well-being of an important member of the community but also for the loss of a stellar resource used by many. I was particularly in awe at the reach of the data he found — it’s one thing to work with public sources, but the dedication to finding what he had, or working to build a position where it comes to you, is outstanding. We also deeply respect his privacy as he goes through this tough time and we hope that he’ll be able to resume doing the things he loves (whether or not CapGeek was one of them.)

Needless to say, we won’t be replicating his massive efforts any time soon.

What we do have is access to public data on annual compensation, from past USA Today records and current NHLPA postings, dating across our database from 2002 to the present. After cleaning and matching, we’ve added it to the Goaltender HistorySkater History and Skater Comparison apps when individual season data is present. (Goaltender Comparisons will be added soon.)

This has total compensation in salary and bonuses by year; it is not adjusted for inflation or cap share. We see it as a stopgap first and a starting point second to have deeper discussions about what users want that we can provide.