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We at built this site together for two reasons: to disseminate our own research ideas and purposes, and to have tools that everyone can use for their own research.1 To clarify our goals and our means, and in light of other sites having similarly stated policies, we state our positions on all of these matters.

1. The use of this site comes with absolutely no warranty.

2. We are not responsible for the consequences of what you do with the data — legally or morally.

3. Our site’s prime purpose is for research: you can use what you like for plain fandom, articles, personal exploration and knowledge, tweets, blog posts, and so forth. Our work to build the site started as the result of our needs for academic work and that’s still what we do with it first. In that spirit, we ask that you cite our work2 and, in particular, the specific page you obtained the data from so that others can obtain it as well. If you would like to show extra appreciation, the Donate button is on the site’s front page.

4. Automatically scraping our pages for data is not only strictly prohibited, it’s not worth your time to do it; it’s an unnecessary strain on our servers, and that’s why we have Download buttons.3 If you want data that’s more complicated than our current queries, you can ask us by email at or on Twitter at @war_on_ice.

5. We reserve the right to offer our services in consulting arrangements to help you get the most from transforming and aggregating the data in meaningful ways. We offer what we can for free because we treasure the community and value openness, but we’re not able to take every request for free simply because we all have full time jobs.

5. You may not sell any raw data you obtain from the site. This is not just because you can get it from here for free and your customers would be fleeced; it’s because this comes from the league and their partners and it’s not our place to sell what they allow us to use. This is not to say you can’t use it in articles that are posted behind a paywall, or use it in anything that’s at all transformative. You know what we mean here; if you have any doubt, ask us,.

6. Our underlying software is licensed under the GPLv2. We will be sharing what we can on GitHub for your convenience.

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